Sunday, December 9, 2012

FREE Backlink Opportunity for Artist

Attention All Artists... FREE Backlink Opportunity

A great SEO tactic is to work on increasing the number of backlinks you put out in the World Wide Web each day, so today I invite you to include a link back to your online storefront or artist website in the comments section of this post.  (This opportunity is for ARTISTS only and all other links will be deleted).

This should help you build your link portfolio and give the readers of my blog a list of artist’s websites to visit, so… link away!

I’ll start with my Original Perspective Zazzle Store which is home to my collection of artistic gift ideas for the holiday season!

Artistic gift ideas for the art lover in your life!

Be sure to post live links... There is another post on my blog about how to post links that explains how...
The Importance of Links and How They Work


  1. Thank you for this opportunity! Here are my sites. Nature Photo and Art gifts - Bringing the outdoors indoors

    1. Sondra... Thank you for including your zazzle stores in this blog post. I encourage you, however to edit your post, making your links live. Instructions for doing so can be found in another of my blog posts entitled The Importance of Links and How They Work.


    2. Hey Jason, tried to do the links like you have on your other blog. Keep getting "http not allowed". Thanks for the opportunity though.

  2. Thank you so much for the opportunity! :-) Very nice blog, by the way!
    Here is my store:

    Thanks again! :-)

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    2. I didn't realise this was not posted as link. Here it is!


  3. Very kind of you to provide this opportunity.

    My Zazzle store is located at:

    I'm in the midst of really learning photoshop, so the new products and style are coming fast!

  4. Thank you for this opportunity.

    My online store that sells a large variety of fine art gifts and art is located here:

    New York Gifts and Prints

    Beautiful blog you have here!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity ! My Zazzle store link is : and my focus is on endangered species and conservation.
    Thanks so much,
    KHarvill ART

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  7. I have a nifty t-shirt store that I put my one of a kind art into. I am self taught and draw most of my designs by hand in photoshop. Feel free to stop by.

    NifTee Shirts

    (had to report, my link wasn't working.)
    Thank you for this opportunity, I really appreciate it!

  8. Thank you for this very helpful post. My stores are:


    Skins2go (for electronic skins)

    Both stores feature cute, colorful designs and some chess designs as well. Once again, thank you for the opportunity!!

  9. Thank you for this opportunity. Hopefully can reciprocate on my own blog shortly Oconnart personalized art photography & gifts

  10. Thank you so much! My store is

  11. Thanks Jason, for the link and knowledge. Glad I cruzzed thru Zazzle forum earlier and read your post.
    I'll be back

    I have a portfolio at

  12. Jason, this site is a very good idea. I'd like to promote my site which contains automotive artwork and classic cars, especially the Porsche 911. Here it is:

  13. Thank you for this opportunity.
    You Are Cordially Invited To
    Visit My Exquisite Online Souvenir Store
    Featuring Many Beautiful Countries
    And Famous Sights.*

  14. Hi, thank you for creating this opportunity for Zazzlers.
    Please come and visit my stores. :)

    City Hunter | The Most Unique iPhone/iPad Cases

    UrHomeNeeds | All about your Home Needs

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