Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome & Intro to: Selling Art Online

Greetings and welcome to my latest blog... Selling Art Online!

I started selling artistic prints online in 2007.  Just five years later, I've become a "pro-seller" for one online marketplace by building a strong presence all across the internet, utilizing everything that I've learned these past five years about promoting an online store.  This has resulted in hundreds of online sales to people all over the globe, which has not only generated income, but created an international presence for my art as well.

This site will be used to recommend practices and techniques involved with making money online by selling your art in online marketplaces.  Numerous links will be included throughout this blog to various sites, each offering a helpful tool, templates, or lists of resources for artists wanting to sell their art online and make money.

Topics covered will include HOW & WHERE to sell your art online, the best places to PROMOTE your available products for sale, SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to get traffic to your online store, and tons of FREE resources readily available to artists online.

Of course, there is no way to include EVERYTHING there is to know about selling art online, but that's the beauty of the blog...  I'm depending on you, the readers, to add your comments, questions, suggestions, and own personal experiences to the mix in order to make this blog as comprehensive as possible.

If you're willing to put in the time to create AND promote it, you can have a successful online storefront like the one you see below.

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